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UN General Editorial Services at the United Nations 

Every United Nations document is reviewed by an editor before it is translated and printed. Quotations and references must be verified.

Editors ensure that United Nations documents are clear, concise and consistent and that the language is appropriate for the target audience.

Editors correct factual, spelling and grammatical errors, and align the structure and style of documents with agreed formats. They revise and edit United Nations documents making them conform with the Organization’s linguistic and textual guidelines.

In an editorial process called “concordance”, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish editors work together in teams to bring each language version of a resolution or decision into line with a master text. This process is needed to make sure that documents issued in all six official languages are equally authentic.

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In 2007- 2008 with the support of information technology specialists the Editorial Control Section designed the Editorial Toolbar that provides authors with fast and easy access to editorial and reference sources such as UNTERM, ODS and the United Nations Editorial Manual Online. The Editorial Toolbar and web-based distribution system are available to a global audience.

Electronic resources




United Nations editors have
A:an excellent knowledge of all six UN official languages
B:an excellent knowledge of two working UN languages
C:a perfect command of their main language
D:a perfect command of their main language and an excellent knowledge of at least two other official languages
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